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Dr Wanda Carr

Owner, Helping Hands Consultant

"James was an absolute pleasure to work with! As we were in need of a customer service division, James listened to our concerns and asked a number of thought-provoking questions. His keen attention to detail and productivity were critical in conceptualizing our vision. After approving the final concept, he met every project deadline, as promised. Thanks to James, we now have a five-star, custom-made customer experience for our ever-expanding company; the Success Solutions Lab is definitely on speed-dial for the next project."

Danielle Bland, LCSW

President, Vision Transformation Firm

"I had the pleasure of working with Daniella to create a proposal for a prospective client. During our one-on-one session, Daniella worked with me to create a package that detailed our benefits while piquing the client’s interest for our overall suite of services. As it was a true representation of my brand, I was extremely proud of the end product. Today, I am proud to say that the Success Solutions Lab met my needs and provided profitable advice at a moment’s notice."

Who we are

At the Success Solutions Lab, small business owners are challenged to put theory to practice from start to finish. At the completion of our coaching programs, clients experience increased sales, higher customer retention, additional referrals and enhanced brand recognition.

James E. Thompson, MS, BT, BS

James has 20+ years experience as a consultant, coach and trainer in implementing innovative business solutions. James brings a wealth of knowledge around leadership effectiveness, team-building and goal achievement. Additionally, he specializes in leadership development to achieve the highest results possible in today’s challenging transitional business environment.

Daniella Fairbairn, MPH

Daniella has over a decade of community engagement experience in the nonprofit and private sectors. Her strategic leadership in coordinating community development programs; strong directorial skills in encouraging others and solid managerial skills in creating quality, effective performance have coined her the “change agent” in her various capacities.